What Is A18BI?

First Bible Baptist Church, of Blue Springs, Missouri, desires the most for every family member. This next step in education invites all of our most serious disciples to be completely fulfilled in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

Acts 1:8 Bible Institute (A18BI) offers any devoted Bible student an opportunity to pursue understanding, deeper knowledge and wisdom from God. The courses provide in-depth studies of books of the Bible, theology topics and related subject matter for ministry leadership preparation. Students will also participate in practical ministry assignments as they apply what they are learning.

A18BI offers many opportunities for the serious student. Among them are:

Courses Being Offered

Epistle to the Romans

Monday (6:30–8:30p)

Starts 9/16; Ends 12/23

Rev. George Grace

The hub of Pauline doctrine is closely examined and discussed verse-by-verse.

Discipleship 201

Tuesday (6:30–8:30p)

Starts 9/10; Ends 12/17

Pastor Mark Brown

The relationship with God and the understanding of His Word deepens as we learn to engage in His mission and serve others. Through Discipleship 201, servants be- come examples to follow as faithful leaders in the church who model following the Lord Jesus Christ. Subjects covered in Discipleship 201 will include: Know the Book, Prayer, Spiritual Gifts, Evangelism, Character Qualities, and Teaching the Word.

New Testament Survey

Wednesday (6:30–8:30p)

Starts 9/11; Ends 12/18

Dr. Bobby Bonner

An overview of the New Testament, with attention given not only to a working knowledge of chapter content and doctrine, but to an understanding of its histori- cal background and the development of the canon.

Affordable Tuition

The cost per credit hour is only a fraction of what it cost to attend other schools.

Literal Interpretation

An actual word meaning, actual place in history approach to hermeneutics.

Practical Ministry

Opportunities to serve in more than 30 ministries in church and ADP Sports.

Verse-By-Verse Study

More than 50 books of the Bible are taught thoroughly in a verse-by-verse manner.

NSBI logo

Partnering with North Star Bible Institute (NSBI)

North Star Bible Institute (NSBI) was founded in 1975 at First Bible Baptist Church of Rochester, New York with the intent of providing “more” for those who were not content with a couple of sermons from the pulpit each week. As the church grew and the need for more and better trained ministers and volunteers was evident, NSBI was expanded and by 1985 a four-year curriculum was developed that seemed to satisfy sincere and interested students. 

The primary purpose of NSBI is to provide sound biblical teaching with hands-on opportunities for practical experience every day in the local church. Academic and theological training is coupled with practical everyday ministry experiences. NSBI has graduated over 120 alumni; many serve as pastors, missionaries, local church ministers and teachers in over 15 countries. The institute pursues every practical way to teach and provide ministry opportunities, while attempting to be sensitive to our social and technical culture. NSBI’s goal is to inspire Christians to love God, love people, serve others, and to tell everyone.

Rev. George Grace is the current director of NSBI.  He desires to partner with our ministry to make A18BI successful. With more than 45 years experience, NSBI provides the proven model that we desire to follow. 

A Message from the Director

Dr. Bobby Bonner

We appreciate your interest in Acts 1:8 Bible Institute. It is our desire to help Christians be the best they can be through biblical discipleship.

A18BI, partnered with NSBI, offers the student a professional and thorough opportunity to learn God's word. Whether you are a new believer in Christ or an experienced Christian, A18BI will help equip you for God's call on your life.

This is accomplished through a literal interpretation of the Scriptures. We believe God says what He means and mean what He says.

The theme verse for A18BI is "Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth" (2 Timothy 2:15).

We realize that laboring in God's word produces tremendous results. The word of God cleanses, changes, sanctifies, inspires and illuminates followers of Jesus Christ. We hold it in high esteem and are not ashamed to do so.

Although this is the first year for A18BI, our program is built on more than three decades of this philosophy through NSBI. Over the years, NSBI has produced multitudes of men and women in full-time ministry around the world. Our desire is to add to these results with men and women from our local area. Whether one is a pastor, pastor's wife, missionary orSunday school worker, students have been well prepared for their spiritual journey.

You are invited to come prepare with us. We are here to help you be successful in whatever God has called you to do!

Sincerely In Christ,
Dr. Bobby Bonner
A18BI Director